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The Best You Can Afford On Unemployment

Due to the global pandemic, many Americans lost their jobs and had to receive the benefits for unemployment. Unemployment insurance is a social security measure that’s common in the United States. You've likely not realized its importance until you're...

Determining Whether A HELOC Or 2nd Mortgage Is Right For You

There are many benefits to owning a tangible asset, such as a home, allowing you to take advantage of rising equity in the property. One of the ways you can use this equity is to take out a second mortgage. Still, many people are unsure whether this is the best course...

Appeal Process For An Unexpected Medical Bill

One of the most common reasons for receiving an unexpected medical bill is that the insurer denied their policyholder’s claim. There is something that you can do in case your claim has been denied. You can appeal to it. Hence, there is still some hope if you are the...

Reasons Why So Many People Are Chasing Financial Freedom

While we may have a firm belief attested to the phrase “Money Can’t Buy Happiness,” it is essential to realize that it wouldn’t hurt to have financial stability scratched off the list of things that make you miserable. However, ultimately, exactly how much money is...