The Best You Can Afford On Unemployment

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Due to the global pandemic, many Americans lost their jobs and had to receive the benefits for unemployment. Unemployment insurance is a social security measure that’s common in the United States. You’ve likely not realized its importance until you’re unemployed. Each state has very different regulations when it comes to unemployment benefits. Some states are better for the unemployed, and others aren’t. We review a list the best and worst states for the unemployed in America. 

Top 5 States For Unemployment

These states are the best out of the 50 states to provide the most to unemployed people that they can afford. We have considered the number of weeks that unemployed people will receive benefits, the cost of living in the state, and the weekly money they will get. Thus, looking at these metrics, the best states are as follow:

  1. Kansas – $375
  2. North Dakota – $459
  3. Wyoming – $413
  4. Texas – $386
  5. Massachusetts – $473

The first four states provide 26 weeks of unemployment benefits, whereas Massachusetts provides 30. These additional four weeks are because the cost of living in Massachusetts is significantly higher than in the rest of the states. You should note that the duration that states provide unemployment benefits can fluctuate. For example, suppose the unemployment rate is low in a state. In that case, it’s likely to provide employment benefits for a lesser amount of time, whereas if unemployment is rampant like it is during the pandemic. Then, you will likely get the maximum weeks of benefit, which is 26. 

Bottom 5 States For Unemployment

Many states treat the unemployed very well, but there are many where the compensations aren’t that great. States can’t keep up with each other due to many reasons. The worst states for the unemployed are as follows:

  1. California – $303
  2. Alaska – $287
  3. North Carolina – $236
  4. Arizona – $236
  5. Florida – $236

These states are the bottom states because the average weekly benefits are not relative to their living costs. People can’t live as comfortably in these states as they can in others. 

Why Is There So Much Disparity Between Each State’s Unemployment Benefits?

There is a very different calculation of employment benefits in each state. They all consider the set employment tax rate that funds unemployment insurance, along with payment amounts, length of time you can get benefits, and requirements for eligibility. The differences between the states have much to do with the cost of living in the states and because there are additional costs that people don’t acknowledge. States also need to decide on the percentage of people whose income they’re going to insure. States also need to address the individual’s income when they’re setting employment benefits. This need means that the more the person earns, the less percentage of their income in benefits. This system ensures that money goes where it is needed. 

Final Thoughts

Unemployment benefits in each state depend on several factors. However, some states will still support you according to your need, so your best bet is to present a solid case so you can get the best you can afford from employment.

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