Traits That Lead to Successful Investing


While good investing is composed of a series of technical moves and sometimes even a bit of luck, there are also some key character traits to possess that will raise your chance of being able to make these correct moves consistently. If you don’t feel you currently have these traits, do not fret, as they can be developed and practiced over time. 

The key is to be aware of the mindset of a successful investor. Here are some traits that will often lead to being a successful investor.


The reality is that there is no such thing as a reliable get-rich-quick scheme. Good investors will understand this and not even bother trying to make an investment that will hit overnight. This does not mean that a person’s life cannot be changed by investing. 

Your investments will also see peaks and valleys, and by having this long-term approach, you will be able to ride out the storm with a larger goal in mind. Having patience will keep you from making emotional decisions that will sabotage your investments.


Positivity needs to be coupled with patience to be a good investor. While you were waiting months or years to reap the rewards of your investments, there inevitably will be days where the markets are down or other events happen that will have you questioning your moves. 

This is normal and is really not a good indicator of long-term success. Having a positive mindset towards these situations is necessary to be patient, which is the prior point.

Adheres to Goals

Perhaps the easiest trait of this list that you can acquire is the ability to create goals for yourself when it comes to your investment journey. Many people know they want to invest, but are unsure of how much they need to invest and why they want to invest it. 

This lack of certainty will eventually lead to poor investing decisions. That is why it is key to have clear-cut goals with realistic dates. It will also help build the prior two points, as having more informed and realistic goals will keep your mind focused on the long term.

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