What Is Worldcoin?


Worldcoin is a new digital currency that is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market that was created by Alex Blania and Sam Altman launching October 21, 2021. The co-founders of Worldcoin have already raised $25 million in capital to start their new venture to develop their cryptocurrency into a global, fairly distributed electronic currency.

Worldcoin has a goal of having one million users by the end of 2022 with the goal of giving the new digital coin to as many people, and quickly as possible. To make Worldcoin a truly global currency, they are offering everyone a free share with unique identity confirmation.

Interested parties can claim their free Worldcoin by confirming their identity using “Orbs” which takes an eye scan and Worldcoin plans on creating thousands of Orbs distributed worldwide that will be operated by independent entrepreneurs. So far, there are only 25 Orb operators in 12 countries with the goal of increasing Orb access within the next few months.

Thus far, there are more than 100,000 users of Worldcoin and the company has an ambitious goal of having 1 billion users by 2023. If the high volume of users grows, Worldcoin will be on track to having more users than all other cryptocurrencies combined within one year of its creation.

One of the biggest questions is how Worldcoin works and what features set this cryptocurrency apart from the competition. Worldcoin allows users to send and receive money securely anywhere in the world within a few seconds.

Users can send money to family and loved ones overseas with a simple service compared to the traditional money transfer store. With just a few clicks, users can securely send funds overseas, shop online, or pay usual daily purchases in the store.

All the transactions are processed between users without third-party institutions (banks or other financial organizations) with a direct payment with one of the lowest transfer fees of $0.0000025% which is a fraction compared to other payment options.

For example, a user can send $400 overseas with a low fee of $0.001 that can save a ton of money if you do frequent transfers. Users can access Worldcoin using a computer or smartphone with an internet connection as sending and receiving payments are simple as e-mails.

Worldcoin also provides great benefits for merchants by minimizing the transaction cost. Worldcoin is free to use, has easy set-up account directions, and no chargebacks ever again.

Digital currencies present an additional over $7 billion market cap and by accepting Worldcoin you will boost your sales while getting extra business from the digital currency economy. You can also download Worldcoin software to get started.

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